Wildfire Season

With all the flooding, heavy rains, and tornados, we now must add wildfires to the list.

 In 2022, according to NOAA and Ready.gov, wildfires caused an estimate $3.2 billion in property damage and killed 17 people.

Courtesy of ready.gov here are suggestions to protect you and your property from wildfires:

  • Make sure you have alerts on your phones by downloading apps, community warning systems)
  • Gather supplies for an emergency kit and be prepared to go at a moment’s notice.
  • Know your evacuation zone including alternate routes
  • Strengthen your home – use fire resistant materials, remove yard debris, and have an outdoor water source
  • Review important documents, including insurance policies, and keep digital copies in a secure space, or upload to the cloud.
  • Make an emergency plan to reflect not only leaving your home, but work and childcare facilities

Sources: Ready.gov, NOAA, Property/Casualty360