Working at Home - Here's Some Tips

Ann Henry, who has worked at home for over 11 years, wrote an article for Gossip That Matters, to offer tips for workers new to working remotely.  Here is her advice.

  1.  Sleep In – If you don’t have to virtually clock in by a certain time, take advantage of your ability to sleep until you naturally wake up.
  2. Eat breakfast and maintain a lunch break – Try to keep a schedule and stay away from snacking.
  3. Use the TV as a tool – If you have children, make sure that they engage in active play for a couple of hours then they are in a better state of mind to sit and watch the tv and a whole show.
  4. Go to bed on time – Don’t stay up late working on a computer.  Try to establish a schedule that allows you to accomplish your highest priority work during regular business hours.  Get some rest.
  5. Lower your standards.  Working from home while the kids are suddenly home from school is new for most Americans. Cut yourself some slack; your sanity will thank you.

We are all in this together. Stay healthy.