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The Heritage Group assists our personal lines clients through out New York State in securing the most comprehensive coverage protection with the most competitive insurance premiums for their homes, automobiles, condominiums, watercrafts and other important assets. We are committed to providing the highest quality insurance products and services available in today's marketplace. Our success in personal lines insurance is a direct result of established close partnerships with the most reputable and fiscally sound insurance carriers. These long standing relationships allows us to offer comprehensive products at the most competitive priced premiums

Below are some of the personal lines insurance products you may want to consider, depending on your assests:

What is Homeowners Coverage? 

A Homeowners insurance policy will insure you against damage to your home and personal property from various perils such as fire, lightening, burgulary, vandalism, storms, explosions and more. It's basic purpose is to restore your assets to the condition they were in before the loss occurred. In addition to the aforementioned perils, all homeowners policies contain personal liability coverage which provides protection when you are held responsible for property damage and/or bodily injury to others. 

What is Tenant Coverage?

Tenant Insurance offers coverage to people who lease or rent their living quarters. This policy combines personal property or contents coverage, (i.e. furniture, personal belongings etc.) as well as additional living coverage, personal liability coverage and premises medical coverage together in one contract. Tenant insurance does not cover the building itself, but the contract may be endorsed to cover tenant improvements.

What is Condominium Coverage?

If you own a condominium, more than likely your condo association has purchased a master insurance policy that covers the common areas of the complex such as the exterior building and walkways. However, insuring your individual and personal interests within the space you own and are liable for is your responsibility. Purchasing a condo policy will provide this protection for you.  Condominium policies generally cover personal belongings and limited dwelling coverage to insure what is not covered by the master policy. The condominium association by-laws will assist in determining your dwelling amount limit. Personal liability coverage is also part of this contract, protecting you against property damage and/or bodily injury to others for which you are legally responsible.

What is Auto Insurance Coverage?

Personal automobile insurance protects you, your passengers, fellow drivers, pedestrians and other people's property in the event of auto-related damages, loss or injuries. It also covers you in the event of an automobile-related lawsuit. Some optional coverages are comprehensive, collision, full-glass coverage and rental reimbursement to name a few.

What is Personal Umbrella Coverage?

A personal umbrella policy has two functions: 1) provides excess liability coverage beyond the underlying liability limits afforded under your homeowners, automobile, boat, motorcycle, etc. policies and 2) offers additional coverages often not found in your automobile or homeowners policies. Typical limits of insurance coverage options range between $1 million and $10 million. As required by insurance carriers, these limits will only be issued after meeting certain underlying liability coverage limits. In the past, personal umbrella contracts were common for wealthy individulas with sizeable personal assets that may be at risk in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit. Today, personal umbrella coverage spans a broad spectrum of income ranges as people now realize the importance of having additional liability insurance over their homeowners and automobile policies. The personal umbrella policy is suited to provide this extra protection and piece of mind.

What is Watercraft Insurance?

A watercraft policy insures against many of the risks inherent in owning and operating a watercraft, motor and trailer. Some of the risks may include: sinking, fire, storm, theft, capsizing, stranding, collision and explosion. Property coverage in a watercraft policy should include the watercraft itself, equipment that is permanently attached to the craft as well as other items such as: anchors, oars, seat cushions, life preservers,etc. Liability and medical payments coverage should also be a part of your policy that covers you in the event you cause property damage and/or bodily injury to others with your watercraft. Liability coverge provides protection for the legal liability you may incur due to an accident resulting from the ownership, maintenance or use of your watercraft. Medical payments coverage will pay for the reasonable and necessary medical expenses sustained by people on your watercraft, who have suffered injury from an accident arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of the vessel. Other coverages to consider are: Uninsured Boat Coverage, Towing and Assistance Coverage and coverage for items typically excluded from the policy, such as: camera or video equipment, clothing, stereo equipment, scuba gear, etc.

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